About This Blog

I was a major, major tomboy growing up. So much in fact that I begged my parents to take me out of my tap, jazz & ballet class at the ripe old age of 4 because I knew what I really wanted to do.....play tee ball with the boys. Little did I know that over a quarter of a century later, I wouldn't only rediscover ballet, but I'd kick my mental younger self for never having stuck with dance.

Following many years of sports and the eventual discovery of a surprisingly uber-feminine side, in college I took my first "real" ballet class at 21 years old. I took classes on and off for the next five years, never seriously, taking breaks when life was too hectic, the inevitable injury occurred, or "life" just happened.

It wasn't until 2011 that I really found ballet, or rather, ballet found me. I was flipping through a weekly magazine and lo and behold, there was an advertisement for adult open classes starting with Big Important Ballet Company in about three weeks! For some reason, this time seemed right, and I bought some shoes, found some workout clothes that sort-of fit, and hauled myself to class in the snow.

Since that day in January 2011 I have become legitimately obsessed. Ballet is my passion, and to excel in it is my deepest secret desire. 

I hope you enjoy this blog, and maybe even learn something in passing.


-Black Sheep


  1. I LOVE your blog (especially the sheep drawing -- too cute).

    I'm doing a school project on adult beginners and I'd love to ask you some questions. Perhaps we could e-mail? Please let me know.


  2. Hi Dana, thanks for the kudos! Inquiries can be sent to barrebarreblacksheep@gmail.com. Thanks!