Wednesday, August 14, 2013

PT Superstar

So I finished yet another round of PT today, this time for some posterior tibial tendonitis resulting from a torn calf muscle. Even better, I didn't even realize I had torn my calf muscle. Damn you, flexibility!

Having attended physical therapy four times in the past five years - once for a bus accident [shoulder], once for a running-related injury [bilateral stress fractures], twice for a ballet-related injury [knee arthroscopy & PTT] I feel like I'm becoming somewhat of an expert. So here, some lessons learned from what feels like a lifetime of PT.

  1. Ice is your friend. 
  2. Not only is ice your friend, but you need to get over your aversion to ice baths and ice massages. They WORK.
  3. 6:30 am is way too early for physical therapy, but you'll schedule them anyway because you're too tired after work to do anything worthwhile. Plus, you can drink coffee while you get heat/ice/massage treatments.
  4. Daily foam rolling keeps muscle tightness at bay, and increases flexibility.
  5. They will prescribe you daily stretches/exercises. While you can lie about actually doing them, they will know. They always know. They're omniscient like that.
  6. Physios are kind of like hairdressers in that you can tell them anything and they won't judge.
  7. The PT version of massage is medieval torture.
  8. You can never do enough hip strengthening exercises.
  9. If they ask whether you're willing to try Graston technique, you can say no, and save yourself a lot of pain and bruising, or you can say yes, endure a lot of pain and bruising, but get results. You'll never look at a butter knife the same way again.
  10. When not just your therapist, but other therapists in the office know you by name, it is safe to assume you are injury prone.


  1. I also get a lot of problems due to stretching and stuff.. Thanks for the tips tough! :)

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  2. I recently "stopped" stretching before class - I'll do some light mobility exercises and of course some theraband and whatnot, but no crazy stretching. I think it's helping! I notice that my muscles don't feel as tired during class, perhaps because I'm no longer overstretching them before class? The crazy things we do in the name of ballet...