Tuesday, June 4, 2013

3rd Time's a Charm???

Got re-fitted for pointe shoes a THIRD TIME this weekend. I really don't mind doing the re-fittings; what I mind is having to shell out for three pairs of shoes in six months. Here's what we know now about my feet and the accompanying shoes....
  1. My feet are highly compressible, with tapered toes and a narrow heel.
  2. Shoe #1, Repetto Gambas, are very supportive, but the shanks are so thick you feel like you're walking on 2x4s.  It was almost impossible to articulate the foot, and the shoes feel very clunky overall.
  3. Shoe #2, Chacott Veronese, are very easy to articulate the foot in and very "springy," but difficult to roll up in, and aren't very supportive due to the low box - no wings whatsoever. They have a much softer shank than the Gambas, and really forced me to develop strength in my foot in order to lift out of the box. But, the lack of wings has introduced me to the world of bunions. Joy.
  4. Shoe #3, Grishko Pro-Flex, have a 3/4 shank which looks fabulous with my arch, and the wings come up higher on the box so I feel more supported. Unfortunately, from what I've read online, they also break in really quickly and hence don't last as long. But they look damn good.
From L-R: Repetto Gamba, Chacott Veronese, Grishko ProFlex.
Note the different platform/box shapes, and how the vamp gets higher with each purchase!

Question for the readers - 

How long did it take you to find your pointe shoe, and how long did you stick with any particular model? I'm curious to see if others have had similar trial and error periods when they first started pointe.

EDIT 6.5.13
So, La Danseuse didn't love the Grishkos. I'm going to see what Fun Thursday Teacher (I really need a name for her!) thinks tomorrow, but my guess is that I'll be back for another fitting this weekend....Le Sigh.....

EDIT 6.25.13
Fun Thursday Teacher actually liked the shoes, but I went ahead back for yet another refitting. After an hour and a half, I ended up right back where I started. In the same Grishkos.

I sewed them and have danced one class in them - they actually felt really supportive, but I actually think the 3/4 shank is stretching the front of my ankle more than I'm used to. The front of my ankle was really sore after class.