Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Ballet Fun-due

I fully plan on this post being an ongoing post topic. You see, cher readers, I am fortunate enough to have several teachers that I love, and if they ever leave I will probably wail on the sidewalk and rip my tights in protest. As much as I love Awesome Ballet School, it's the teachers that really make the experience amazing. Not just because they have mad ballet skillz (although they do) - I love them because they say and do some of the craziest s#*! I've ever seen during class. And you know what? It totally works.

So without further ado, I present to you the first entry in Ballet Fun-Due, aka MY TEACHERS ARE AWESOME.

How to Jump Higher in Grand Jet├ęs
- Awesome Thursday Teacher (I haven't given her a name yet) snaps her sweater at us during grad jetes in order to get us to jump higher. "Either you get hit, or you jump higher. It's your choice."
- La Danseuse actually asked someone to lie down on the floor so that we could jump over them. After about 30 seconds of someone looking incredibly freaked out, we abandoned that tactic.
- "Pretend your pelvis is a fireball launching itself into the air." (Yes, this is an actual quote.)

Posture and Balancing
- "Your torso is an elevator that goes up and down. If you tip during plies your people will fall out. Don't kill your people!"
- "Ladies, if you're balancing on one leg, you must put your lady parts over the ball of your foot." (The most bizarre advice I've ever heard, but it's a visual that totally works. The actual quote used a word that rhymed with sha-nay-nay.....which is much funnier than "lady parts." But hey - this is PG-13.)

On Successful Adagios
- "You know why we do long adagios? Because it HURTS. Hurting is good for you. Just kidding. But not really. Those suckers hurt."

More Musings on Dance
- "Oh, it's totally possible to drink a glass of wine and that I'd recommend it...."
- "If your ponytail smacks you hard in the face, you're spotting correctly."
- On finding appropriate music to accompany a barre exercise: "I can never remember music, only steps, so each time I press play it's like a surprise."

Got something to add? Throw it in the comments or email to I'll include it in the next entry!

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