Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Big Bug from the Big Apple

I took a glorious birthday trip to NYC last week, where I was fortunate enough to take a class at Steps, the famous dance school on Broadway (don't worry, I'll do a class review later). When I came back home, however, I brought back a nasty case of bronchitis. Being the sadist as I am, I felt that after 4 days of antibiotics, surely I could try a beginner class, right?

Wrong. Note to self - ballet and bronchitis do not mix. I made it through barre and a little bit of center before my chest decided to give up and explode.

I'm pretty sure I left the upper lobe of a lung somewhere during a coughing fit. In fact, my head is still pounding. Can you give yourself a concussion from coughing too much?

For those who have had avian bird flu respiratory illnesses, when did you know it was safe to head back to the barre?

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