Sunday, March 10, 2013

Pas du Ballet Fight Club (and other great ideas)

In general, I avoid street dance-style movies. Not because I think they lack cinematic merit (they do) or because the acting is terrible (it is), but because in general, I'm a full blown ballet snob. The precision, technique and je ne sais quois that ballet demands is, to me, far superior than any other dance form. Therefore, I tend to look down my nose at street dancing as the thug life of the dance world.

That said, tonight I found myself watching Step Up 2: The Streets. If you haven't seen it, it involves dance crews, which resemble whirling, twirling, legal street gangs. As I'm watching it, I realize, holy crap, I have a dance crew. You see, I have a little dance family at Awesome Ballet School where I take classes. We know all the teachers, we email each other fifty zillion times a day, and we are a general nuisance to newcomers to class. Not in a "Plastics from Mean Girls" kind of way, but in the "oh god these people are such good friends I'm now an outsider" type way. Which I guess kind of makes us the Plastics, but whatevs.

Anywho, there I was, watching bad Sunday night cinema, and this is what I emailed my dance crew:

  1. Ballet is so much more badass than street dancing. For reals. 
  2. If we were into street dancing, we would so have our own street gang and regulate the @&*$ out of "Awesome Ballet School." 
  3. Someone should produce a ballet version of Fight Club.
Seriously, where do I get this stuff? And how did I end up in a ballet gang?

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