Monday, March 18, 2013

Non-Ballet Post

So I just logged into Google Reader to get all up-to-date on my fav blogs, and was notified that Google will be discontinuing Reader as of July 1st.

Sacre bleu! Quelle horreur! I LOVE Google Reader, and am very disappointed to hear this.

So, I must find a suitable blog dashboard replacement. What do you use, cher reader, to organize and collect all the bon mots from the blogosphere? Suggestions wanted...

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Pas du Ballet Fight Club (and other great ideas)

In general, I avoid street dance-style movies. Not because I think they lack cinematic merit (they do) or because the acting is terrible (it is), but because in general, I'm a full blown ballet snob. The precision, technique and je ne sais quois that ballet demands is, to me, far superior than any other dance form. Therefore, I tend to look down my nose at street dancing as the thug life of the dance world.

That said, tonight I found myself watching Step Up 2: The Streets. If you haven't seen it, it involves dance crews, which resemble whirling, twirling, legal street gangs. As I'm watching it, I realize, holy crap, I have a dance crew. You see, I have a little dance family at Awesome Ballet School where I take classes. We know all the teachers, we email each other fifty zillion times a day, and we are a general nuisance to newcomers to class. Not in a "Plastics from Mean Girls" kind of way, but in the "oh god these people are such good friends I'm now an outsider" type way. Which I guess kind of makes us the Plastics, but whatevs.

Anywho, there I was, watching bad Sunday night cinema, and this is what I emailed my dance crew:

  1. Ballet is so much more badass than street dancing. For reals. 
  2. If we were into street dancing, we would so have our own street gang and regulate the @&*$ out of "Awesome Ballet School." 
  3. Someone should produce a ballet version of Fight Club.
Seriously, where do I get this stuff? And how did I end up in a ballet gang?