Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Why, oh why can't I remember to blog????

The best laid plans o'mice and men oft go awry....

Story of my freakin' life, ya'll! I seriously cannot remember to blog. Or tweet. It's like all the creativity has been zapped from my veins, leaving me an empty shell of a communicator. At least my flair for the dramatic is preserved, no?

Speed version of what's been going on:

  • Got fitted for pointe shoes. Big ouch, but I thought I found some winners with Gamba 93s.
  • Started pointe class, a requirement of which is that you take at least 2 intermediate classes each week, one with directly precedes the pointe class. First class? Nailed it. First intermediate class? Not so much. It's actually harder than pointe, to be honest.
  • Pointe gets harder as I realize I have extremely collapsible feet which cause me to sink into my shoes. Bummer.
  • Graduate from physical therapy. Woo hoo! Yay for speedy knee surgery recovery time!
  • Get re-fitted for pointe shoes, dreading spending another $100. Find awesome shoes (Chacott Veronese) but awesome ballet store doesn't have the length that I need. Super bummer. So I.....
  • End up stuffing my shoes with more silicone than you'd find on a California beach. Hee hee. But at least it doesn't hurt as bad.
  • Make friends with epsom salts. BIG yay.
So here is a list of questions I've been getting from people about what it's like to start pointe as an adult. If you have others, comment away and I'll include them in the future.
  1. Does it hurt? Yes. It does. But once you find the right balance of shoe, shank and stuffing (as I call it), you can minimize the pain to a dull discomfort. But it never feels like you're walking around on puffy little clouds.
  2. Can I practice at home? I wouldn't recommend it, at least until you're more technically proficient. My teacher does encourage us to wear them around the house with socks to help the shoe mold to our feet, and to practice things in demi-pointe. But that's it! Listen to your teachers - they are here to help you not hurt yourself!
  3. How should I sew my elastics? With needle and thread. Just kidding. Sew the elastics in the fashion recommended by your teacher or fitter - either a single loop or criss-crossed. I did mine crossed as I have one wonky foot that twists slightly.
  4. Any other tips for sewing? Sure! A) Have a LOT of spare time. Took me about 3 hours to do the first pair. B) Wear a thimble - I ended up poking myself a hell of a lot more than I thought I would, and bled onto my elastics. I call them war wounds, and I'm proud of it. C) Try pinning elastics and ribbons to the outside of the shoe, then going up on demipointe and pointe while seated (not standing). If the shoe feels good, mark where it hits the top of the shoe and re-pin/sew on the inside. D) If you're sewing challenged like me, use Youtube. I learned how to whipstitch by watching a video, and my whipstitching rocks.
  5. Will I be the worst in my class? Most studios tend to start people with others in a similar skill level. But honestly? You might be the worst in the class - but WHO CARES! That just means you will be able to improve the most out of anyone, and that is something to strive for.


  1. Awww your feet sound like mine! Even the chacott veronese II don't fit me perfectly. Loose on my narrow heel and loses support when my foot is all warmed up. You may also want to look into gaynor mindens, leo, repetto, suffolk, and capezio. There's probably more but I'm hoping to try suffolk and capezio this summer. It's a horrible pain when your foot is so compressible that over time your foot shrinks when dancing instead when others have problems with swelling. I think I'm okay with that since I don't need two sizes of shoes, but still it's problematic. Can't win.

    1. I know exactly what you mean! After a few weeks in the Chacotts, I definitely notice that I become more compressible the longer I dance. I haven't tried Gaynors yet - perhaps at my next refitting.

      Keep on dancing, and thanks for the comment!