Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Adult Dancers Get Some (Much Needed) Love

I don't often post about other people's work, but the fact is, recognition for the adult dancer has been skyrocketing lately! To toot my own tutu, just last week Black Sheep was interviewed for a Major Hotel Chain's in-room magazine, talking about how travelers can take adult open classes at Awesome Ballet School. The author was focusing not only on activities close to the hotel, but ways for adults connect and explore when you find yourself in an unfamiliar location - GREAT exposure for those adult dancers out there, and who knows - maybe it will spur more people to re-engage with ballet!

And yesterday, courtesy of Chris from his blog, Leotards and the Buns In Them, I learned about another new blog exalting the adult dancer, Adult Ballerina Project! Check them out, cher readers - we must support one another!

Knee Update
For those of you who were wondering, I'm going to try a basic class on Saturday - it will be the first class since 10/30, and the first class post-surgery....I think I'll be able to do about 50% of barre and most of adagio in center, but that's about it. I'm nervous but trรจs excited to go back!

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  1. How was your class?? :D

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