Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Knee Update Part 2

Man, has this been a roller coaster. After my last post, I attempted a class on Saturday. I wore a brace and was careful about not doing grand plies or jumps, but about 30 minutes after class my knee was stiff and sore again...but not terrible.

I had just about talked myself out of the surgery, then last night I took a class with La Danseuse, teacher extraordinaire. I definitely pushed myself a bit more, and felt it during class. That class solidified my Friday, I'm having the surgery. It's not just about the pain and swelling. To be honest, I could deal with that. The real reason is what I learned AFTER class last night.

Pointe Class. January. Bring It.

That's right, they approved our beginner pointe class! I do not want to risk further injuring myself or flare-ups around the time I start pointe. This has been a dream of mine for years, and I am beside myself with excitement! So, I will take a modified class this coming Saturday and Tuesday, then I'll be off for recovery. Start crossing your fingers & fifths that the surgery goes well and I end up with a few weeks of recovery, not a few months.

The ups and downs of this thing have my head spinning, but right now, I just want to be healthy and dance.


  1. Good luck with the surg! Hope the recovery is quick and painless! and GRATS on the new pointe class!

    1. Thanks! Dreading the surgery a little bit but excited about the outcome, and of course pointe!