Thursday, October 11, 2012

Legwarmer Mania

In the Great City Where I Live, fall has officially arrived. I've been busting out the wool coats, scarves and sweaters for about a week now, and absolutely love it. I'm one of those strange people who loves cold and hates heat....yes, I know I'm weird. I also love fall because the shrugs and legwarmers exit their summer hibernation, enveloping me in soft, cozy, cuddly-ness for ballet class. I may have mentioned my love of legwarmers before, but this morning, while packing my bag for work, I realized I might need to seek help...

Me: Don't forget, you have Pilates class after work today.
My Inner Crazy: YAY! We're going to stretch, and bend, and get all ab-tastic!
Me:  Whoa there, cowgirl. That's a lot of happy before coffee. I'm just reminding you so that you bring clothes, and don't have to crawl onto a reformer in your jeans and sweater.
Crazy: Ooh - sweaters....soft and furry and FALL!
Me: Focus. Find some workout pants and a t-shirt, and get on with it.
Crazy: You're no fun. But you know what would be fun? Your capri running tights with LEGWARMERS!
Me: You're crazy. Everyone will look at you and think "who the hell does she think she is, wearing legwarmers with running tights in a reformer class?
Crazy: But they are SOFT! And COLORFUL! A pop of color to transport your mind to fields of poppies and gerberas and tulips!
Me: It's not the Land of Oz, it's Pilates class.
Crazy: It's the Land of LEGWARMERS!
Me: No.
Me: I said no, they're all going to laugh at you and you'll look stupid.
Me: Sigh. How about we compromise and wear a shrug to work in place of a cardigan.
Me: Sigh....put them in the bag. You win again, my legwarmer-obsessed friend, you win again.


  1. I think your inner crazy is in league with mine. Legwarmers are ace and I own far too many pairs but even then I still find myself knitting 'just another pair' because the pair I want isn't available to buy...

  2. It's definitely getting ridiculous. I'm so excited that legwarmers have become "fashionable" for hipsters - that means I have a greater variety to choose from, and I don't have to order them all online or at my local dance store! I found some great ones at Target (electric blue), Kohl's (snowflakes), and H&M (NEON!).

  3. I love legwarmers!!! I don't care what other people think, I wear them even in summer...