Monday, October 8, 2012

Adultes et Enfants

Happy Monday, mes amies! Quel weekend! Today's post is all about Adults and Children. There's a great quote in the movie Under the Tuscan Sun, where someone says, "Never lose your childish innocence. It's the most important thing." As adults, we can act like children - sometimes that's good, sometimes that's bad. Observe....

This weekend, I made a tutu. That's right, ya'll, tulle overload in a beautiful shade of sea foam green. My walls are also a shade of green, so it's a little hard to see in the photo, but you get the gist. It's a little big, so I need to take out some of the tulle, but it was super easy and super fun. Took me about 25 minutes, and no sewing involved!

Why on earth would I make a tutu (other than the obvious of wearing it around the house while you vacuum and/or drink wine)? You see, me and the Ballet Buds decided it would be age-appropriate to wear tutus to class during Halloween week. Personally, I think we need more excuses to wear tutus. Even Lone Boy in the Ballet Buds is getting into it, and he's going to wear a nice cavalier-esque vest for class, although I think a tutu would be hilarious. Anywho, it's done. If I get enough interest I'll post a tutorial, but there are several fabulous links on the Interwebs to help you through the process. Dancing, wearing silly costumes, and making tutus could all be considered activities that help us get in touch with our inner children. It's not just about taking the time to smell the roses, it's about taking the time to smell the roses, and then imagine yourself in the middle of a fairy tale where you have to hide in a beautiful rose garden while you wait for Prince Charming on his white horse. While wearing a tutu and drinking wine.....or something like that. So wear your tutus, dance while no one is watching, or even if someone is - never lose your childish innocence.

Now the bad side of adults behaving like children. In class this Sunday, there was a Ballet Brawl (a Barre-Room Blitz, anyone?) over mirror space. Never in the years of taking classes at Awesome Ballet School have I seen this type of behavior from adults...or children for that matter. One dancer was using the barres along the back wall. Another dancer was using a portable barre in the center. Back Wall Dancer asked Center Dancer to please move her barre a little bit so that she could see the teacher and the mirror. Center Dancer refused, multiple times, and finally did a "talk to the hand gesture" which infuriated Back Wall Dancer. They continued to shoot daggers at each other throughout the class, then at the break before center, The Confrontation occurred. Grown-ass women yelling at each other, displaying the behavior you'd expect from 4th graders. Luckily the teacher was out of the room for the exchange, otherwise I cannot imagine what she would have said.

At some level, we have to remember that while acting like children can be a healthy past time  we are adults, and are expected to act like adults. Fighting in an adult open level class? Are you serious? This is Awesome Ballet School, and you are an adult recreational dancer. Get over yourself and act your age.

Or better yet, get yourself some wine and a tutu and chill out.........

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