Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Gettin' Jeté With It

I had the most amazing class last night. It was one of those classes where everything falls into place - retirés are solid, pirouettes are balanced, and you just feel good. After a string of really bad classes, I desperately needed it. La Danseuse (remember her?) was teaching, and she has really been making an effort to up the ante in class for those of us who want to progress. And boy, did she ever.

I won't bore you with details, but here is the final combination we did in class, which was the culmination of about 30 minutes of across the floor exercises - my psoas and hip flexors are SOOOO tired today! Evidently I've been half-assing the rond de jambe part of my pique turns. When I took the time to actually isolate the movement along with the opening of the arms, it kills!

Across the floor, on a diagonal: Pique turn > chassé effacé > coupé jeté en tournant. Pause in tendu devant, repeat.

IT WAS AWESOME! I felt like I was really dancing, and it definitely didn't feel like a beginner class. The coupé jeté en tournant was new for me. This is a grainy video, but it demonstrates the step pretty well.

12 hours later, I'm still on the ballet high...and THAT'S what I call Gettin' Jeté With It.


  1. Oh how I love this post! It just splurges positivity and it makes me want to go to class RIGHT NOW! I haven' been in class for so long and I'm just postponing it so I won't disappoint myself, I'm so insecure... :( But your post sure makes me just want to go!

    1. Thanks Natalina! The wonderful thing about ballet is that no matter how insecure you may be, the only person who is really watching you is YOU...well, and hopefully your teacher. But I can guarantee you they don't care how you look, just how you DANCE. So get back out there and plie your little heart out!