Monday, April 16, 2012

Hurts So Good

Ladies and gents, I'm back. I took a little hiatus due to a peskie little ankle injury (more on that later) and a much needed vacation to Europe. It's kind of hard to obsess over missing class when you're standing in front of Opera Garnier in Paris, but I did my best :)

This past Saturday I had my first ballet class in 5 weeks - my physical therapist has allowed me to try one class per week, and even then, I have to sit out petit allegro and across the floor. It was interesting - my strength has diminished considerably even with 2x per week physical therapy, but the feeling.....oh the feeling!....of dancing again was simply marvelous. I didn't realize how much I missed it until after I took that first plie of the class - my grin was ear to ear. I felt more graceful and alive than I have in weeks. It's like I've been reunited with a long lost friend, and we were able to pick up our relationship as though time had never passed.

All that lovey dovey ballet mumbo jumbo aside, it is going to be some serious WORK to get back into fighting shape. I feel like I lost about 3 months of progress in just 5 weeks. The physical therapist, who luckily has a dance background, was able to pinpoint quickly that I'm actually sickling just the slightest bit on one side, which, over time, has led to this subtalar inflammation syndrome. Le sigh. I keep telling myself that all these baby steps will add up to something, but it's frustrating.

Anyways, for those who want to know, my trip was great. Paris was amazing as usual, Brussels a little meh, and Prague breathtaking. It's been difficult adjusting back into regular life, strangely enough. I miss how quiet Europe is, the wonderful coffee, the architecture, the refinement, and above all, I miss the food. I'm a bit of a foodie and American food (and coffee!) just depresses me now. Trust me - the idea of becoming a permanent expat is even more attractive than before, as long as I can find me a ballet class :)

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