Sunday, March 11, 2012

Ladies & Gentlemen, we have a diagnosis...

Sinus Tarsi Syndrome.

Saw the ortho doc on Friday and the good news is that the pain was diagnosable, which is SO much better than having them tell you "you must have sprained your ankle or you're overusing it." The bad news is that I have to take 4 weeks off dance, and start physical therapy 2x per week for 4-5 weeks.

On the upside, my doctor is HOT. That's HOT with a capital H, O, and T. Also, according to my X-rays, I have a nice foot for dance, at least according to Dr. Hotty McHotty. That doesn't quite make up for the fact that he's telling me not to dance for a month, but it's nice to know there's nothing inherent in my bone structure that would prevent me from going on pointe.

So, Cher Reader, it is likely my posts for the next 4-5 weeks will be about PT. Quelle horreur!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

I Feel Guilty

Based on advice from La Danseuse, to assist Poor Little Ankle in the healing process I'm trying to take it easy. My Sunday ballet class started 30 minutes ago, and I am not there. I feel so guilty! Granted, it is really nice to sit on my couch and vegetate, but I really feel like I'm doing something devilish by not dancing. What if they learn something new and I'm not there? What if today is the day that my pirouettes finally decide to become awesome? What if, what if, what if.

What if today is the day that my ankle decides it has had enough, and just snaps? It's all in your perspective, I guess.

This blows. Can't wait until my ortho appointment this Friday, because NOT dancing is almost worse than dancing with pain. Wow. That sounded really dark and twisty, not to mention masochistic.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Ballet - You're Doing it Right

I was just in my office's kitchen (yes, Black Sheep has a real job) and accidentally dropped a fork. I totally penchéed the crap out of that pick up. Yeah, buddy.

Happy Friday, ya'll!