Thursday, February 2, 2012

Where's the Barre?

I love days off from work. I can lounge around on my couch sipping coffee, trying to convince myself that getting out of my PJs is necessary, and that I should actually do a little ballet workout. A few weeks ago, I took some fantastic advice from two of my favorite blogs, spent a few hours at Home Depot, and bought the tools necessary to make my own barre. I largely worked from instructions from this post about building a PVC barre (from Leotards and the Buns in Them), but I think my next incarnation of The Barre will be this one, from Bead 109's fantastic blog.

I ended up covering my bar with faux leather contact paper - it gives it a nice look, is easily wiped down in the event of sweat (although we all know ballerinas don't sweat, they glisten like dewdrops), and makes a cool conversation piece, especially since the barre sits quite visibly in the yoga/ballet/piano room adjacent to my living room.

Pretty, and functional!
I love my barre, but have found my home workouts to be a bit, well, uninspiring. For one, my music seems all off, and I have been unable to find any music for download/purchase that really works for a home barre routine. And then, there's the fact that my apartment was built in the 1890s and has a slight (OK, severe) lean to it. Usually I just pretend that I'm dancing on some fabulous raked stage - which, by the way, has to be the hardest thing EVER - but still, it kills home practice. In short, it is easy for me to come up with reasons to NOT practice at home, even though I really SHOULD. Quelle dilemme.

So, instead of being a good little bunhead and practicing on my homemade raked-stage barre of glory, I'm typing this blog. And drinking coffee. On my couch. In my PJs.

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