Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Stupid @$%&ing Ankle

For a few months now I've had some pain in my ankle when pointing my foot. Not quite feeling like achilles tendonitis, but something is going on. After Sunday's class this weekend it was positively aching. I couldn't even make it through jumps and I had a noticeable limp after class. So, I figured it was finally time for some professional intervention, as my treatment plan of compression bandages and a few glasses of wine were obviously not helping. I went for a complementary injury screening this morning from a local PT office, thinking they could poke around at my foot and at least be able to wager a guess as to whether I'm looking at a nasty strain or the dreaded torn tendon.

Total. Waste. Of. Time. Dude didn't even examine my ankle, and basically told me to do more theraband exercises, take regular doses of anti-inflammatories, and ice my ankle. Thank you, Captain Obvious. I know you're not a physician, but at least do me the courtesy of examining my ankle for swelling and stability.

I guess I'll give one of the foot & ankle docs he recommended a call.  Stupid @$%&ing Ankle. Sorry. Not dancing makes me cranky.

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