Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Pas de Crap

Tonight's class went like this:

6:30pm - YEAH! I'm here early! Gonna stretch, do some theraband exercises, check in on Foursquare, you know, important stuff. I'm feeling great!
7:00pm - This is great. There's only about 20 people in the class (about 1/2 of last time) so we're going to have individual attention and this is going to be so much fun!
7:10pm - Wow. Tendus REALLY hurt my ankle. Ce n'est pas bien.
7:30pm - If I smile a lot and use fantastic port de bras, do you think La Danseuse will completely miss the fact that my entire right leg is horrible? My pas de chevals look like pas de crap.
7:50pm - I don't think I can do this.
8:05pm - Thank god. Center adagio. Slow is good.
8:15pm - 32 changements? You have to be $%*&ing kidding me. Where's the barre...I need to hold on to something.
8:17pm - OMG my ankle is going to crumble into pieces.
8:20pm - Échappé, coupé derrière, coupé devant, coupé derrière, pas de bourre, changement. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Kill me now.
8:23pm - I don't think I can make the last 7 minutes of class. Glissades and pas de chats will have to wait. Stretch. Must stretch.

Yeah. It sucked bad.

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