Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Behold the Power of the Interwebs...

True confession time. I'm a serial googler. I Google everyone. And everything. All. The. Time. Google is equal to hours of entertainment for me, and I sincerely believe that if Google should go under, the world as we know it (or at least, as I know it) will end. I may seriously name my next dog Google. Seriously.

Anywho, there I was, Googling Favorite Teacher at Awesome Ballet School. Advance apologies for all the vague references, but Awesome Ballet School is associated with an Awesome Ballet Company - that's relevant for the rest of the story. Now, I consider my Googling powers pretty advanced, and I was not satisfied when my initial results turned up zilch. So I dug deeper and deeper into the interwebs and hit the mother lode.

Brace yourselves.

Favorite Teacher used to be a principal dancer at Awesome Ballet School. Not only that, the picture I frequently stare at in the hallway while I'm stretching because it is so freakin' beautiful is HER in her dancing prime!  But wait there's more.....I unearthed a picture of her dancing with....get ready for your mind to be blown....THE CURRENT DIRECTOR OF THE COMPANY!!! What the what???? Favorite teacher has name-dropped a few times during class, usually a tidbit about taking classes from Gelsey Kirkland and the like, but I now think she may have been holding out on us. She is no longer Favorite Teacher.....she has become.....La Danseuse. Seriously. I found a grainy video showing her dancing circa 1985 and her extensions were mad crazy awesome. Le sigh.

My Tuesday night classes will never be the same - before she was just an amazing teacher - now that I know she was also a world-class ballerina, I realize that (a) I am incredibly lucky to be taking classes from her, (b) I REALLY need to start learning more about actual ballerinas, and not just the ballets they dance in, and (c) I heart Google.

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